(production anglophone)
The scene is an old folks’ home, where a man who recently lost his mother guiltily “adopts” a looney old lady. But it’s by no means freewheeling, for her roommate is a crotchety old coot who has something bad to say to everybody. But at one of several peaks of climax we see beneath the curmudgeon and understand why he is so rude to the guilty man: because he has seen such people come here before, ingratiate themselves, and then suddenly come no more, leaving the old folks more destitute than before. He wants to protect the looney old lady from such destitution. Happily for all, the guilty young man is a match for him.
Centre Marcel-Dulude, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

20, 21 avril à 20h
Théâtre St-Bruno Players